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Fuel your ride at home or fuel your fleet at work.
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EzFill is a leading on-demand fuel delivery company in South Florida and the only mobile fueling company that combines on-demand fills and subscription services which fill customer vehicles on routine intervals. The emergence of the digital technology, GPS-Based / On-Demand consumer deliveries, and the sharp increase in home delivery of products and services during the COVID-era are trends expected to continue in the post-COVID economy. The increased adoption rate of such ‘at home’ or ‘at work’ delivery of products and services has become the method both individual and commercial customers prefer. Our mission is to disrupt the gas station fueling model by providing consumers and businesses the convenience of gas fueling services brought directly to their locations. EzFill provides a safe, convenient and touch-free way for consumers to fuel their cars. For our commercial and specialty customers, at-site delivery of fuel during the down-times of their vehicles provides operators the benefit of beginning their daily operations with fully-fueled vehicles at cost-savings versus traditional fueling options.
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