Yehuda Levy

Interim CEO & Director

Yehuda is one of EzFill’s founders, who had the vision to start a mobile fueling company to service clients initially in Miami Beach back in 2016. He is a graduate of Yeshiva University with a major in Math and Economics and a minor in Finance. He has been working in the mobile fueling industry since its inception and understands every facet of the Company’s sales and operations and how to maximize its opportunities for growth. In 2019, he sold the client base and other assets of his company to EzFill. Levy stayed on post-acquisition and has been an integral part of the Company ever since. He has served in various roles in Operations, Finance, Sales, and Marketing, including most recently as Vice-President, Operations through the date of this appointment to interim CEO.

Michael Handelman


Avi Vaknin


Vaknin brings to EzFill extensive experience in developing startups and rapid growth in the technology market. Vaknin holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from the Hebrew University in Israel. After serving in the Israeli military, he worked at Intel Technology in Israel, leading the training team and helping Intel Israel with the production of the Pentium CPU used in many devices today. This experience honed his skills in cybersecurity and technology and gave him invaluable experience in the semiconductor industry. In 2004, Vaknin founded Telx Technologies, a company specializing in advanced system design, cybersecurity, cloud computing, cloud telecom, and custom software application programming.