Fuel Delivery for Your Fleet Vehicles

Never have your drivers waste time at the gas station again. 

Fuel yur fleet.

When you partner with EzFill to optimize your fuel management program with on-site gas delivery, your drivers will be able to spend more time getting the job done, which in turn will save you money.

B2B Fleet Services.

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Fort Myers

why chose ezfill delivery

Save time

Let us save you time! The average consumer spends between 10 to 15 minutes per trip to the gas station.

Save Money

By using EzFill you can save up to $200 on fuel and trips to the gas station.

Stay Safe

Gas stations can be dangerous places! Customers can become the victims of assaults or worse crimes, as targeted areas.


EzFill is a mobile fuel delivery service that keeps your business fleets rolling-without you having to step foot in a gas station. Instead, we bring the gas to you.

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