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Never Pump Gas Again.

Fuel your ride at home or fuel your fleet at work.


Find Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Fuel My Ride

We locate your car based on the vehicle’s description, tag and location data you provide in our app.
Your car remains in its parking spot. You do not need to be present. We simply ask you to pop your gas door so we can fuel your vehicle. We will close it once we are done.
Our three-step process for ordering gas includes you leaving your gas door ajar. Once we fuel you up, we will alert you via text. We’ll also close your gas door once we finish.
After service is complete, we’ll notify via push notification your service is complete.
If you must move your car, just update your new location. Or, you can cancel your service and reschedule for another time.
Our pumps are just like those at the gas station. They are regularly calibrated to make sure you receive accurate delivery.
Delivery days and times for your area are conveniently located in the app.
Our fuel prices are comparable with local gas stations. A service fee may apply depending on your area. Check the app for pricing in your area.
Individual customers can download our app and schedule a fuel delivery at their convenience.

Commercial fleet accounts can sign up with our customer success team and set up a recurring delivery schedule that reliably meets their business needs.

Specialty segments such as marine, construction, agriculture and others can also benefit from EzFill’s exceptional fuel resources.

Fuel My Fleet

Our fuel prices are comparable with local gas stations. Prices vary, depending on size, location and service details. Speak to one of our customer service professionals for a cost-free estimate.
We offer unleaded regular (87-octane), unleaded premium (93-octane) [can contain up to 10% ethanol], diesel, red dye diesel and marine fuels for vessels.
EzFill works to set up a schedule that is right for your business.
Customers can pay via credit card or account may be eligible for credit upon approval.
Yes, we accept Voyager and WEX.
We offer a custom client portal, where customers can see transactions and gain insights into their company’s fuel efficiency.
Our fuel comes from straight from the source at the port. We only purchase top quality from trusted, well-known suppliers.
We fill your tank with each delivery.


Thank You!

We will send you an email to setup time for a demo with one our customer service professionals.

Thank You!

We will send you a text with a link to download the app to get started today.